White Privilege Systemic Eradication of the Other

I missed my trauma therapy appointment for the 3rd week in a row today and it’s showing through the cracks of my face, my hands, my mouth, my eyes, my voice… is cracking. My primary diagnosis nowadays is Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and so I wondered that my experienced childhood trauma has been exceeded by…

And if I should say I loved you

and if i should paint a picture too that showed the loveliness and the brilliance of you that art would be my heart lighting up did you know one lifetime could be just one heavenly day allegria or if i should find one twinkling star one near as wondrous as you are that star would be…


The issue of color is an interesting thing to think of. I experiment a lot with painting and while it seems as though I criss-cross with texture, oiling it up, glossily, sloppily, with slippery new paint colors, look at the above painting Triptych 1 acrylic on canvas 18 x 36″ (c) 2017 that I painted…

Hope, Despair and the Right to Die with Dignity 101

“It never occurred to me until this storm day, while swinging inthe wind, that trees are travelers, in the ordinary sense,” John Muir’s A Wind-Storm In the Forests, Mountains of California (Muir, 1894)


Entrepreneurs from The Yale Collaborative on Social Entrepreneurship encourage me to craft my Obituary. Know yourself. Bely the everyday. How far have you come? Memorialize where you come from hence.     I will leave you then, a discernable gift. Death hearkens only the dying in glory and quietness shocks only the person whose breath is taken in deep. Remember…

shadow dance

“Tell me that you love me, babe, Tell me that you love me, girl”

The Internet, Shadow Dance


peerpocalypse 18, seaside, oregon april 8, 2018