Joseph Rogers and Mental Health Association Southeastern Pennsylvania Peer Support & Services

Rogers and MHASP are applying to Scattergood Foundation to support peer supports empowerment initiatives and I support the importance of their peer support services’ effectiveness.  I know Joseph Rogers in the US recovery movement for several years now dating to my work in Texas where I acted as Chair of the via HOPE Texas Mental Health Resource  TAC Certified Peer Specialist Committee, the US Psychiatric Rehabilitation Association of Texas Representative & Chair, the Adhoc Work Group, The Hope Concept Wellness Center’s 1st Annual Wellness 1.0 National Conference “Uncensored Innovation” and currently with The ACMHA College for Behavioral Health Leadership Peer Leadership Interest Group (PLIG)’s Steering Committee’s work towards developing the US Peer Leadership Development and Management March 25, 2014 Summit Meeting in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

What inherently strikes me about Rogers’ work is not only his singleminded focus on recovery, peer supports, peer services, but his regional and national attention to mutuality, intentional personal responsibility, for holding up Hope in the midst of despair, for being a champion to the movement, being accessible and present, a teacher, a formidable trainer, and for constantly being fair and just.

Rogers answered my call for assistance to help provide TAC free of cost and did so generously bringing with him a cadre of staff with years of trust and subject matter expertise. He is formidable and in short, I recommend MHASP without hesitation to none other nationally.

The Hope Concept Wellness Center 2012 Uncensored Innovations Wellness 1.0 National Conference
The Hope Concept Wellness Center 2012 Uncensored Innovations Wellness 1.0 National Conference

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