2014 US PEER LEADERSHIP & DEVELOPMENT – Excerpt White Paper (Hardin, Padron, Williams)


NACBHDD Newsletter February 2014

This is a preview of the White Paper “2014 US Peer Leadership & Development” which Pam Hardin, Myself and Mertice Gitane Williams plan to release following the ACMHA College for Behavioral Health Leadership Summit 2014 in Santa Fe.  Out of respect to our colleagues’ national collaborative work in the March 25, 2014 Peer Leadership Interest Group educational training, kindly provided by our friends at Optum Health, we are supporting initial work which will come out of the training in Santa Fe.  Look for our White Paper following.

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  1. Jo Bower says:

    Its interesting to note that MA has just published a very similarly-themed paper on peer workforce development. Anyone can find it by looking on the http://www.transformation-center.org website; there’s a link there to TRANSCOM, which is the authoring body. I’m anxious to see how much our efforts are in sync!!

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