Destination Dignity Summit 16 | The Carter Center | Monday, August 15

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The Carter Center, Atlanta August 12, 2016


Destination Dignity Inaugural Summit: August 15, 2016 The Carter Center – Atlanta, Georgia #DDSummit16; Call in * Dial 1-866-398-2885 (USA Toll Free) Enter Code: 851-630-6835#


(A) To convene leadership across stakeholder groups into dialogue to clarify and galvanize a collective national agenda for change grounded on social justice, dignity and recovery, and

(B) to advance/ refine directions for a national stigma/discrimination reduction program that supports such directions. Summit


1. Consolidate Destination Dignity collective action framework

2. Identify functional intersections between prevention, health equity, public & institutional stigma

3. Create draft domains and indicators for a US national Mental/Behavioral health strategy 4. Envision, refine, expand Destination Dignity Theory of Change

Program for the Day 9:00 Gather & Networking (Coffee and snacks provided)

9:30 Welcome: Destination Dignity Strategy Circle (10) Why And Why Now; Rebecca Palpant-Shimkets (10) Charge for the day: Collective Mind Map Framework (Vega) (15) Flash Introductions; Debbie Plotnick (20) Flipping the Script to Recovery– The Destination Dignity! Project: Eduardo Vega

10:30 Seeing the Big Picture: National Strategies, Rights & Recovery, Health Equity and Social Justice Devorah Kestel; Glenda Wrenn; Mark Salzer; Michael Pietrus

11:25 Break/Transition to Workgroups

11:35 Work Session A: Neuroplasticity – What will it look like when we get there?

12:50-1:30 Break and Working Lunch: Feedback from Work Group Session I

1:30 Afternoon Session Convene and Focus

1:40 The Fulcrum of Change: Structural Stigma, Cultural Variability and National SDR Programs Palpant Shimkets, Pietrus, Bernice Pescosolido, Ginger Lerner-Wren, Larry Yang 2:40 Break -Transition to Workgroups

2:50 Work Session B: Spreading Activation: an SDR Theory of Change for America

4:05 Lever and Fulcrum: Consolidating goals and commitments 4:25 Appreciation and Close

4:30 Adjourn Special thanks to the Carter Center Mental Health Program and to Summit Sponsors:

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