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Since the Presidential Elections, I’ve been in hiding. It feels as though I’ll be shot in the back or on my knees me watching the gun against my head go off and that’s all I have ever written, baby girl. To overcompensate (because I share¬†biomarking familial lineage of OCD), my step counting is near perfection….


I started a script yesterday and it’s coming on quickly. The formatting delays thought and writing. The Othership and in full disclosure creatively. I’m playing with a new format for me which is a return to film and video to enhance my tinkering around with photographic elements of color and form. Here’s a favorite color…

The Right to Die With Dignity

Originally posted on jen padron:
The Right to Die With Dignity Jennifer Maria Padron, M.Ed, CPS, PhDc Public Health &¬†Amanda Barnabe We are US Peers and we are Peers in everything that Peerness implies from State (Georgia, Maryland, Texas) certification. Acting in a healer saint wrap around service advocate activist give back to the community…

New Balance and US Neo Nazism

I don’t get the attachment – no – the attraction between American White Supremists and the New Balance shoe and I wonder at that because I like knowing the answer to most things. Not that it matters. I’ve never in fact owned a pair of New Balance sporting shoes or any kind of New Balance….

Excerpt, “The Leaf and the Cloud” by Mary Oliver

  The Leaf and the Cloud I mention them now, I will not mention them again. It is not lack of love nor lack of sorrow. But the iron thing they carried, I will not carry. I give them – one, two, three, four – the kiss of courtesy, of sweet thanks, of anger, of…