Thank you and I’m really going to miss you, Carrie Fisher

This is my homage to the great outspoken, graceful, articulate, powerful and so exciting Carrie Fisher, who I heard had died today from complications post massive cardiac arrest 2 days ago. God bless you, Carrie Fisher. I have to tell you this: I have always respected you. I have to admit I half way fellContinue reading “Thank you and I’m really going to miss you, Carrie Fisher”


  The coming national administration presents for dire strategic and exact, firmly concrete Plan B, C, D… on the fiscal sustainability for a US Peer Workforce including the CPS, CHW, FPS, RC and CPS Endorsements (Veteran, Transition Age Youth, Family, Queer). This report presents active and current state federal RFA’s in the fields of CriminalContinue reading “US PEER WORKFORCE RFA RESOURCES ’16-’22”


red in everything everywhere i love it. k | p + associates is preparing a national report which will help to sustain the US CPS Workforce. merry christmas.