Honestly, Now

During the course of my day, I speak with quite a few people, organizations and states here in the US about our mutual work in Peer Supports.

It’s important to me to remain authentic, transparent and true to fact.

I’ve been working in a CPS/Peer Supports point of contact for 10 years.

I know the course well. I know the national community well: The point of contacts for the burgeoning US Peer Workforce, the movers and shakers, the Leadership and I capitalize “L” out of respect.

Yes, SAMHSA/CMHS, BRSS TAC1 and BRSS TAC2, the US national technical training and assistance centers, the US consumer network technical training centers, the innovative emergent lead model houses (e.g., IPS, ECPR, MHFA, Dialogic, WRAP, WHAM) are all familiar to me and I can and do distinctly support our collaborative community of providers with Klein, Padron & Associates regionally and nationally.

What I have learned is that without a clear “Moral Code” my work would be akin to that of a hobbyist or a hack, slacker, flake.

We’re all Go. Be truthful with yourself and others.

Your Moral Code depends upon your character and intention. Act clearly and with kind intention. Trust is the fabric which will hold you to me and me to you in this work. Harm no one in the course of the day. Know that there are people, Peers, whose dipping into Peer Cannibalistic means of behavior and treatment of themselves and others exists. Beware and I encourage you to take the higher road and know everything shakes out in the end.

What I tell you in confidence is given fiercely, in trust, in confidence. Do not betray personal nor professional confidence with a caveat. Be true to yourself. Be true with others.

The rewards to come are fruit bearing and this Springtime, let’s continue to move forward and work mutually. Those of you who are trained Certified Peer Specialists, Community Health Workers, Recovery Coaches, Forensic Peer Trained and hold endorsements to the CPS understand that you are bound inherently and truthfully to your US State CPS and National Ethics, Codes and Values. This binds our profession and our work. Without a strong moral code you’ve nothing, truly.

So, Step Up.

Stop if/when you’ve nothing of value to say and especially when decrying betray of information which is held in confidence and for which you are taken in as a “Friend” and “Colleague.” Everything always, always, ALWAYS comes back to the source. You are found out. The consequences are rather high.

Be a good friend to me, to others. Maintain your attention to truth seeking. Glean the truths in a higher manner. Know your truth and speak it well.

Published by jen padron

Mover and a shaker. Comrade. Community Bridger. Creative. Filmica. Sentimentalist. Imminent. Emergent Social Action. Change Agent. Voted for Hillary (2008, 2016).

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