tell me goodnight tonight


that would hurt

you’re so beguiling

i love you so, so much

be well and love and light

are your mantras

you call yourself a “teacher” now

what do you teach? How to document to fire your Lover?


don’t say goodnight


not tonight. that would be like having a night terror

sweating, into the pillows around my head and in front of

my body

and behind

my body

legs piled on top of each other

do you remember the tangling of legs, limbs, arms, fingers, slippery and slip sliding around and down?

do you?


don’t leave tonight

not tonight

the stars are only now coming out and the moon is a crescent over your curls

a tent

a cave


fire and light snare me now



the new world

My eyes look on in bewilderment at plentiful gifts round me.

I watch and take pleasure in it.

The new world according to this Warrior breathes now.

She smiles at me and is all of mine and I win for the wanting and getting of all that love brings for me.

Without adornment, Teaching amounts to impenetrable social justice and I remain.

Burn and Rid the Old to the wind. It disappears quickly to dust and dirt as it were.

She’s my Goddess Bellona and I Her armored-clad Honos.

This Warrior stands and walks into Battle.

Bear notice.

This new world.



Sunday Morning Lover

a sunday kind of love (don’t ever go)


can’t lie (waiting just to love you)

if i say that i love her (the look of love is in your eyes)

and when i kiss her good morning (the look of love is on your face)

seal it with a kiss (a look your smile can’t disguise)

well we are yes we are (feel my arms around you)


somebody to kiss happy new year with (more than words could ever say)

christmas morning (it takes my breath away)

thursday thanksgiving (a look the time can’t erase)

black thursday power day (let’s take a seal a lovers vow)

a true blue best friend (seal it with a kiss)