tell me goodnight tonight don’t that would hurt you’re so beguiling i love you so, so much be well and love and light are your mantras you call yourself a “teacher” now what do you teach? How to document to fire your Lover?   don’t say goodnight don’t not tonight. that would be like having […]

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the new world

My eyes look on in bewilderment at plentiful gifts round me. I watch and take pleasure in it. The new world according to this Warrior breathes now. She smiles at me and is all of mine and I win for the wanting and getting of all that love brings for me. Without adornment, Teaching amounts to impenetrable social […]

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Sunday Morning Lover

a sunday kind of love (don’t ever go)   can’t lie (waiting just to love you) if i say that i love her (the look of love is in your eyes) and when i kiss her good morning (the look of love is on your face) seal it with a kiss (a look your smile […]

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