The Shootings

Last year’s Orlando shootings followed by the November National 2016 Elections were tantamount to the events that informed my going underground and to a better footing of safety in a dangerous terroristic world changing, shifting, abandoning, losing me. The Depression ensued and it was terrible. Winter came and left. Spring came and left. Summer wasContinue reading “The Shootings”

piano solo

The next three months are an end of a season and I wonder who will be her Winter Solstice celebrant instead of Me.

Tim Murphy, Misogyny 1.0 (Abortion)

And so after the Murphy Bill (Tim Murphy, 2016) wins passage at the House and Senate showing up in The New Century Bill (2017) it cracks me up when I see that the Sponsor of the bill (Senator Tim Murphy) is resigning (not seeking re-election) due to publically being found for previously coercing (unknown numberContinue reading “Tim Murphy, Misogyny 1.0 (Abortion)”