Lacking Empathy |Parading as my shoes fill with water

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Black ice. Possible, not probable.

I am on a Christmas laden 2 week sabbatical going into the New Year, not of my own will nor desire nor wanting but I’ll do this.

I will, in fact, be a fool to not take advantage of this 2 week Sabbatical to pursue altruistic “hobbies” or even to take a long excursion to the glaciers in Norway and ice climb with ice pick and ax to climb out of this hole I am in. See the skies glisten and in blues, greens, whites and watch the lazy and hazy star shower.

“I think your national reputation is Smoke and Mirrors,” I was told coldly and matter of factly.

I wonder how can you be such a idiot?

For me at least, while in Kansas City, I wept outside of the University’s building and conference room that was emptied, realizing it was a harbinger to inept social and community response.

Many words were spoken. There was strange disregard of social custom and cruelty pervades with an utter lack of remorse.

These two weeks will be spent carefully and in discernment.

Spirit led examination of the facts and to foretell my own prayer done intentionally to hold peace.

I see my father this Christmas and so it opens up the idea of Family and what happened to mine?


I choose kindness, altruism, mutual respect of the Other and it is the Right thing to do.

My 2019 Remedy:  Live madly.




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Mover and a shaker. Comrade. Community Bridger. Creative. Filmica. Sentimentalist. Imminent. Emergent Social Action. Change Agent. Voted for Hillary (2008, 2016).

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