dear diary 3.0 | reflecting

  I’m pretty surprised, yes, at certain new developments in the national community interested in Peer Supports. What came on hard and furious to nil communication startles me into a general quiet stupor around my US Teacher P2P model of adapting the Certified Peer Specialist certification into an on the ground Transition Age Youth modelContinue reading “dear diary 3.0 | reflecting”

Dear Diary 1.0 + Reading List

Dear Diary, You know, I can probably quote the entire monologue for Woody Allen’s immortal close with Leonard Bernstein’s “Rhapsody In Blue” rising to full pitch in the background in his masterpiece, Manhattan. Chapter One He was as tough and as rough as the city he loved. New York was his town and it alwaysContinue reading “Dear Diary 1.0 + Reading List”

Night Falls Fast | Dr. Kay Redfield Jamison

Night Falls FastĀ is tragically timely: suicide has become one of the most common killers of Americans between the ages of fifteen and forty-five. An internationally acknowledged authority on depressive illnesses, Dr. Jamison has also known suicide firsthand: after years of struggling with manic-depression, she tried at age twenty-eight to kill herself. Weaving together a historicalContinue reading “Night Falls Fast | Dr. Kay Redfield Jamison”

tryptich 2019 | the language of dying

I work 1 of the red eye shifts where incoming crisis calls steeped in a Suicide and Homicide demographic fills my professional and peer talk late at night into the daylight hours of morning. Afterwards I train home and look at the larger 8 x 5′ frame that needs to be canvassed for the actualContinue reading “tryptich 2019 | the language of dying”