she her they

marlon sitting crossed legged and armed

she her they

crossed at 2:30 am and 9:30 and 11:52

verbal sequitor

i see that there are concentration camps again

let’s cross the line hear sand under boots scratch


crash and storm the perimeter and cutting wires on bare skin

blood and spit and that upstart

but why does it go this way




intimate love

if you watch her walk, there’s a very slight limp when she puts weight on her left hip. it endears her to me. i watch. entranced. hips and full ass swinging left and right, forward. i love watching her walk. she is fantasy in motion. she is sleeping beauty awake and at last, here.

there is much, maybe too much – discernment about intimacy on my mind.

how to.

do it.

how to.

live peacefully.

is it possible.

language of love