In Taxi Driver, De Niro tells the woman of his fixation, “… I’m going to get ‘organzized‘ (organized) and it’s poignantly pathetic and sweet but it’s where I am tonight

I’m currently studying (Mometrix NASW and the Social Work ASWB Masters Exam Guide, 2nd Ed., A.C., 2019) for the National Association of Social Workers test and am sitting for a Pre-Test Study at Valdosta State University’s Department of Social Work coming up soon.

(And) so I am excitedly and very curiously preparing for and studying towards my weaknesses. For me, as a seasoned Certified Peer Specialist (Georgia, Texas) and Community Health Worker Promotora (Texas) with the credentials di regeur in the US for Peer Supports, my experience in mental health, substance use, integration, trauma, crisis intervention management services and now disaster & terror management is broad. My network is larger than that. All that.

If you asked me, “Why Social Work, Jen?”

Here’s the thing.

I have simply maxed out as a US Certified Peer Specialist in form, function, practice, learning, study, research, social justice action, advocacy, activist resistance in any care environment (Public/Private Community MH, SUD). I will not and I refuse to be ornamental on a triage team responding to a Suicide/Homicide Live Rescue, for example, where as the CPS on the MCST Triage Team, I am the best to handle Suicide ideation, having a plan/not having a plan, redirecting, practicing my Emotional CPR perhaps, talking Recovery and listening. As a CPS I am impotent to the Clinical meds and beds model. I’m not used. I’m paid on average $17/hr.

I will not call the PD or the Troopers or the Sheriff’s or a Judge for an Involuntary Commitment simply because a person is in the throes of despair and states intent to opt out, to complete, to leave. People resort to interesting practice when a person who is in active ideation, maybe in psychosis, has a plan, access and intent, has expressed self-harm, self loathing and/or otherly harm. Why?

I’m particularly good at working within a crisis intervention from Go to discharge and eventual reintegration into community. If the CPS in Georgia and elsewhere throughout the United States, received as a subject matter expert on MH, SUD, SI/HI, you would see more active engagement, motivation and positivity in relational outcome(s). It’s a win/win. No brainer.

I’m second semester MSW at Valdosta State University’s Department of Social Work and the toughest thing I’m facing is to know when to shut up and listen. I’m down for Christmas Break. I’ve totally gotten into preparing and studying for the actual NASW boards/test to obtain my clinical credential and endorsements in ’22.

I remain interested in crisis, trauma, suicide/homicide, live rescue, mobile crisis intervention response and supports, immigration (ICE) and now disaster and/or terror management. I am available to begin my MSW Practica this Summer 2020 and have my sights set on a few Atlanta Metro providers in the field.

I’m working on two Pre-Tests currently, writing flashcards and outlining the 27% I’m weak on. At this point, I will master the content going into my first actual NASW Pre-Test (next week-end) and see where I land on the scoreboard. Look for photos.

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Mover and a shaker. Comrade. Community Bridger. Creative. Filmica. Sentimentalist. Imminent. Emergent Social Action. Change Agent. Voted for Hillary (2008, 2016).

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