Jen Padron writes, paints and photographs frequently and resides in Atlanta teaching in Georgia, writing, creating art and spends her time travelling, working and completing doctoral studies in public health and epidemiology with spatial analysis studies in human population migration, climateology and American community public behavioral health systems transformation

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  1. mhkilleen says:

    I am so happy you contacted me through Linked In. I have thoroughly examined and enjoyed you web site and downloaded tons of blogs, pdf’s and articles. I have written a book on Addiction Recovery Coaching and I am currently working on a book on “how to be a peer to peer support specialist: how to coach people in mental health recovery”. So, I see you are nodding. This is what you are all about!! I see it!! Yes, you are a wealth of great information.
    I will be back to ask more questions, later.

    Melissa Killeen

    1. jenmpadron says:

      Thanks for your comments Melissa. Yes, please feel free to contact me for anything at jennifermpadron@gmail.com that I can help with. Best, Jen

  2. mhkilleen says:

    Thanks for your prompt reply. I will be getting back to you after I read more of your work.
    Regards- Melissa

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