And if I should say I loved you

and if i should paint a picture too that showed the loveliness and the brilliance of you that art would be my heart lighting up did you know one lifetime could be just one heavenly day allegria or if i should find one twinkling star one near as wondrous as you are that star would beContinue reading “And if I should say I loved you”

The Shootings

Last year’s Orlando shootings followed by the November National 2016 Elections were tantamount to the events that informed my going underground and to a better footing of safety in a dangerous terroristic world changing, shifting, abandoning, losing me. The Depression ensued and it was terrible. Winter came and left. Spring came and left. Summer wasContinue reading “The Shootings”

Sunday Morning Lover

a sunday kind of love (don’t ever go)   can’t lie (waiting just to love you) if i say that i love her (the look of love is in your eyes) and when i kiss her good morning (the look of love is on your face) seal it with a kiss (a look your smileContinue reading “Sunday Morning Lover”