Demysticizing the Murphy Bill: An Analysis by Larry Drain

One of the biggest problems with Murphy and company is their belief that no one can have an honest disagreement with them. Anyone who disagrees must have a distorted perception or ulterior motive. This has left them severely deficient in trying to build support from people who do not totally agree with them and is one of the big reasons that they did not succeed in their first go around. Instead of connecting with people they try to conquer them and seem unable to realize that the solution to alienating those they seek support from is not to alienate them farther.

Jaffe dismisses critics as “high functioning with lived experience.” He doesnt seem to understand that many of the people most critical of Murphy have the most serious of diagnosis, a history of hospitalization, multiple suicide attempts etc. They have lived what he is selling and found it not the path to health but the biggest stumbling block in the way.


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