georgia in july

i read poetry in the morning with coffee and jazz and make sense of my aching back, my sore back, my bad shoulder with arthritis already, and I stand straight to find that muscle memory. I’m usually up for my days early. Body clock. I catch up on email and work on school. I’m years […]

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cause celebre

With our Team being hit with deaths, loss of lateral ability, stolen power, coalition foibles, peer cannibalism, false stop/starts, failed releases, lack of national representation… this is well, it. Genius and Madmen all of us. Niche market? US Peer Workforce? Cartagraphically lacking.

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yeah, yeah

“I want to read about goals, dreams, fears, foibles and achievements. I want to read about you. I want to read about real people blossoming and withering. Growing and shriveling. Experiencing life . . . and death.” via Follow — Discover

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The issue of color is an interesting thing to think of. I experiment a lot with painting and while it seems as though I criss-cross with texture, oiling it up, glossily, sloppily, with slippery new paint colors, look at the above painting Triptych 1 acrylic on canvas 18 x 36″ (c) 2017 that I painted […]

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