size matters

I’m painting a 4 x 8′ commissioned acrylic on wood for an East Point business owner of the hottest new salon and spa this side of the West Side Green Belt. I’m not satisfied with it. In fact, I’m not sure if I even like the current large work. Here’s (2 panels beneath the “Northampton…

“happy birthday, dearheart.”

tied down hard, fast and i can feel my levi’s around me, resting above my waist and not falling were it for hips and ass now. tied down swiftly, and i’m a tough, hard cocked Queer in yo’ face, yo mama yo mama. it’s my birthday. my birthday. that one night out of my stolid…

georgia in july

i read poetry in the morning with coffee and jazz and make sense of my aching back, my sore back, my bad shoulder with arthritis already, and I stand straight to find that muscle memory. I’m usually up for my days early. Body clock. I catch up on email and work on school. I’m years…

cause celebre

With our Team being hit with deaths, loss of lateral ability, stolen power, coalition foibles, peer cannibalism, false stop/starts, failed releases, lack of national representation… this is well, it. Genius and Madmen all of us. Niche market? US Peer Workforce? Cartagraphically lacking.

yeah, yeah

“I want to read about goals, dreams, fears, foibles and achievements. I want to read about you. I want to read about real people blossoming and withering. Growing and shriveling. Experiencing life . . . and death.” via Follow — Discover