H U G I N 2016 | Washington Memorial, DC

Adam Slosberg, Founder & Director, of Beyond Today International, Daphne Klein, Executive Director of On Our Own of Montgomery County and George McElfatrick, Executive Director of On Our Own of Prince George’s County are working their combined magical force to peace, hope and love. Slosberg, Klein and McElfatrick are cohosting tomorrow’s HUG IN 2016 atContinue reading “H U G I N 2016 | Washington Memorial, DC”

The Need for Health Activism in the Criminal Justice System – Huffington Post 3-31-15

The WHAM Training Program consists of five keys to success, which according to its national council include the following:

A person-centered goal based on 10 science-based whole health and resiliency factors.
A weekly action plan that breaks the goal into small, achievable successes.
A daily/weekly personal log.
One-to-one peer support.
A weekly WHAM peer support group.
The 10 science-based health and resiliency factors include:

Stress management.
Healthy eating.
Physical activity.
Restful sleep.
Service to others.
Support network.
Optimism based on positive expectations.
Cognitive skills to avoid negative thinking.
Spiritual beliefs and practices.
A sense of meaning and purpose.