Peerpocalypse 2017

Cannon Beach in April sounds like a pretty fab place to be. The beach. Walking on the brown sand, waiting and holding my beloved’s hand. Photo op with a kite to match the one KZ has from the Seattle years.

Klein, Padron & Associates will present on varying financial business models to sustain a Peer workforce at the Mental Health America of Oregon’s Peerpocalypse2017 in Seaside, Oregon April 24-26, 2017.

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H U G I N 2016 | Washington Memorial, DC

Beyond Today International, Director
Adam Slosberg, Beyond Today International, Founder & Director

Adam Slosberg, Founder & Director, of Beyond Today International, Daphne Klein, Executive Director of On Our Own of Montgomery County and George McElfatrick, Executive Director of On Our Own of Prince George’s County are working their combined magical force to peace, hope and love.

Slosberg, Klein and McElfatrick are cohosting tomorrow’s HUG IN 2016 at the foot of the Washington Memorial in Washington, DC.

hug in 2015

Gathering is at 9 AM EST. Look for familiar faces, posters and T-shirts. Remember to dress cool. Wear sunscreen and bugspray. Temperatures will be high. There will be frozen water to keep us hydrated.

This is Washington in July.

See you there!