Destination Dignity Summit 16 | The Carter Center | Monday, August 15

        The Carter Center, Atlanta August 12, 2016   Destination Dignity Inaugural Summit: August 15, 2016 The Carter Center – Atlanta, Georgia #DDSummit16; Call in * Dial 1-866-398-2885 (USA Toll Free) Enter Code: 851-630-6835# AGENDA Goals: (A) To convene leadership across stakeholder groups into dialogue to clarify and galvanize a collective nationalContinue reading “Destination Dignity Summit 16 | The Carter Center | Monday, August 15”

US Peers Present the Case for Peer Support | Services on Capitol Hill

The purpose of these briefings was to offer a very convincing case for peer support services. This case is extremely strong: Both personal reflection and research evidence document the effectiveness of these services; good training is available to teach required skills; and the need for these services is very large and growing every day with the implementation of the Affordable Care Act. One could not present a more convincing case about anything.

The Need for Health Activism in the Criminal Justice System – Huffington Post 3-31-15

The WHAM Training Program consists of five keys to success, which according to its national council include the following:

A person-centered goal based on 10 science-based whole health and resiliency factors.
A weekly action plan that breaks the goal into small, achievable successes.
A daily/weekly personal log.
One-to-one peer support.
A weekly WHAM peer support group.
The 10 science-based health and resiliency factors include:

Stress management.
Healthy eating.
Physical activity.
Restful sleep.
Service to others.
Support network.
Optimism based on positive expectations.
Cognitive skills to avoid negative thinking.
Spiritual beliefs and practices.
A sense of meaning and purpose.

RECOVERY WORKS: National Activists & Organizations Call for Action

“Recovery is a process, a way of life, an attitude, and a way of approaching the day’s challenges. It is not a perfectly linear process. At times our course is erratic and we falter, slide back, regroup and start again… The need is to meet the challenge of the disability and to re-establish a new and valued sense of integrity and purpose within and beyond the limits of the disability; the aspiration is to live, work and love in a community in which one makes a significant contribution.”
— Pat Deegan, PhD, person in recovery from serious mental illness

Advocates Launch Campaign to Advance Recovery-Focused Mental Health Care

a call to action February 18, 2015 Campaign Unveiled as Congress Considers Major Mental Health Reforms CONTACT: David Lerner, Riptide Communications, 917-612-5657 (Washington, DC) – As House and Senate Democrats and Republicans focus on comprehensive mental health reform, and a recent poll by the Kennedy Center for Mental Health Policy and Research indicated that 71%Continue reading “Advocates Launch Campaign to Advance Recovery-Focused Mental Health Care”