The Shootings

Last year’s Orlando shootings followed by the November National 2016 Elections were tantamount to the events that informed my going underground and to a better footing of safety in a dangerous terroristic world changing, shifting, abandoning, losing me. The Depression ensued and it was terrible. Winter came and left. Spring came and left. Summer wasContinue reading “The Shootings”

Peer Services in Behavioral Health Care Integration Workshop, June 14-17, 2015 (University of Wisconsin-Stout)

The Certified Peer Specialist (CPS) provides for behavioral and physical wellness health coaching supports in an integrated setting (Swarbrick, M. (2013); Manderscheid, R (2013). The CPS is the vehicle that the US Peer workforce will initially exemplify the multitude of roles and is the only available source provider for peer services and supports where service deliverables are sustainably funded by the Medicaid and Manage Care Organization (MCO) peer supports in the ACA market. This is a public/private health care sustainable funding model. Peer Services | Supports are a win/win wellness and whole health solution in today’s ACA environment utilizing peer-driven services (Vestal, C. 2013) to co-locate in behavioral and physical integrated care environments.


White Paper US Peer Leadership and Workforce Development¬† NACBHDD Newsletter February 2014 Hardin, P., Padron, J., (2014). Ed., Dr. Ron Manderscheid; White Paper: US Peer Leadership & Workforce Development Thanks to the following individuals for their subject matter expertise and assistance in the writing and resourcing for this paper: Steve Harrington | Sharon Kuehn |DaleContinue reading “WHITE PAPER: US PEER LEADERSHIP AND WORKFORCE DEVELOPMENT”

US Peer Leadership & Workforce Development Releases Today

Executive Summary [Excerpt] The future is here. 2014 is the year of the peer. In economics, the cycle of poverty is the “set of factors or events by which poverty, once started, is likely to continue unless there is outside intervention.” (Wikipedia, 2014) ¬†People with mental health, substance abuse and physical health challenges represent aContinue reading “US Peer Leadership & Workforce Development Releases Today”